Level 2 & Level 3
Fitness Instructing and Personal Training

£1595 - 0% monthly payments over 12 months

£150 deposit, £120.41 monthly plus £20 admin fee

Ultimate PT Training Diploma combined Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (GYM) and Advanced Level 3. Focus Awards are the awarding body that will issue you the learner your complete Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training. Combines level 2, level 3 Certificate In Personal training

This includes the following: Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology, level 3 Anatomy and Physiology, Components Of Fitness, Emergency First Aid, Principles Of Exercise and Fitness, Program and Performance Evaluation, Postural Assessment, Boot Camp Training, Nutritional Advice and Fitness testing.

This course will run for 7 full days. Commencing Friday through to a Sunday over 2 weekends.


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