Kettlebells Pro Course


Reps 8 CPD

About This Course.

This course enables you to work with two of our tutors in a classroom environment. The course will be held over 1 day. Your tutors will support you continually throughout your course. You will be provided with all your course materials before the day. Kettlebells have a range of core benefits including improved strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. The Kettlebell course will give you the skills and knowledge you need to teach a range of clients to use this equipment safely and effectively. Unlike other equipment, kettlebells can work several muscles at the same time so they can benefit all your clients, whether beginner or advanced, and be a fun way to get fit.

The benefits of kettlebells

Helps to improve posture/prevent pain – works all the weak/undertrained muscles in highly sedentary and desk working clients. Time efficient – helps build muscle, improve cardiovascular fitness and is very metabolically expensive (helps burn energy and therefore fat). Improves dynamic flexibility and motor control. Kettlebells are portable and versatile - perfect for mobile trainers to do a variety of exercises, with one tool.

What You Will Learn.

You will be given the skills to design and teach your own kettlebells classes. Lessons will include:

The benefits of kettlebells. How to plan and teach safe and effective kettlebells sessions for both beginners and advanced, using the correct technique. The history behind Kettlebells. The health and safety considerations and appropriate kettlebell related warm up/cool down. After completing this course, you'll have a larger exercise repertoire to incorporate within a programme or be able to design an entire kettlebell programme.


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